"Have keyboards will travel", that's Joe ( "Joey D " ) De Fio's slogan these  days when he travels the central mid-west making music. Piano, Organ, Keyboards he plays them all covering many different styles and genres of music.

  Joe has been a professional musician for a half  century and has played in more venues big and small that he can remember. December 31, 2011 marked his 50th New Years Eve engagement,  that year he fronted the stage band at the beautiful Camelot Ballroom in Overland Park Kansas where 400+ people enjoyed the 6500 sq. ft. dance floor. Playing at the famous Majestic in KC in 2019 was number 58 !!

  A native of Syracuse, New York, De Fio  moved to Kansas City in 1991  to work with a chain of piano and organ stores  where one of his duties was both hosting and performing on the weekly  Pop Organ Radio Show  sponsored by the stores. 
 The show was taped in front of a live  audience at the renowned  Country   Club Plaza and aired on many stations in the central mid-west. Many well  known pop organists of the  60's  and  70's played on that show. Sadly ,  it's demise marked the  end of an era for the played live , organ  music  variety  shows of that genre.

  Soon  after this time Joe became  more involved  with the distribution end of the piano  and  organ industry ,  but stayed active on the performance side doing pop organ concerts for dealers around the country. During this period he  worked with the Hammond Organ Company  helping  to introduce their  then new XK-3 organ.

 Joe got involved in playing piano and organ in the  KC area when a friend asked  him to full in for him on two dates backing a local vocalist. he enjoyed it and soon after was working with some great KC area musicians. It wasn't long after that he decided to go gig on his own as a solo act, and forming his own group with some road  seasoned  local  musicians, adding his  flair and sense of humor to the mix.

 Joe started playing the accordion when he was 7 years old. " Hey, what can I tell you?  My dad was real  Italian old school , he says with a laugh. it was that or the violin " De Fio turned pro when he was 14, joining an 11 year -old drummer and a 16  year - old  sax player to perform at parties, weddings, and  Italian restaurants.

After a stint in the Army, he returned to N.Y. put aside the accordion and switched to the piano and the B-3 organ. He  played with popular groups on the  Northeast show club circuit and was for a time house lounge organist at Three Rivers Inn in central N.Y.where on the big stage, the headliners  included Italian crooners Tony Bennett, Connie Francis,  Bobby Darin,  Al Martino  and other stars from that era.

  In the many years  since then,  De Fio has worked with every  type of group you can imagine, he can even do a mean  James Brown!   No kidding. Just request it.
Hey,----- he feels good.  De Fio's  idea of retirement is to be playing old  Rat Pack tunes at a piano bar in a little lounge in Vegas at 2 o'clock in the morning and just keeling over with a big smile on his face.      De Fio  really is a true musician.

 Many thanks to Joe Henderson, the Kansas City Star, Kansas City MO.  and, Lynn Anderson of the Best Times Magazine, Johnson County Kansas for most of the content of this article.